From casinos to horse racing to daily sports fantasy sites, gambling is a way of life for many in the United States. It’s a thrill. It’s high stakes because there is something on the line. Gambling is a past-time for some, while others get so invested that it becomes a crippling addiction.

Sports betting is a different animal. Depending on your interests, there is something you can bet on every single day of the year. For example, you could invest in a prop bet ( a bet that doesn’t have to do with the total score, money line or point spread). An example of a prop bet would be the total number of passing touchdowns for the quarterback or how many times the broadcaster says a particular word during a broadcast.

You could also invest in the betting options previously mentioned, the total score between both teams, the point spread (betting that team X beats or only loses to team Y by a certain number of points), or the money line. You could also lay down a futures bet (bet money on a team you think will win the Super Bowl, World Series, NBA Finals, or another sports championship).

Six men arrested

While taking part in the act of gambling can be fun, running a gambling site is a different story, especially if it’s been labeled as an illegal one. This is what six New Jersey and Staten Island men learned last January. Citing the New York Post, these six men were arrested and arraigned by a Brooklyn Court Judge on December 18, 2019, on charges conspiracy and gambling promotion for running an illegal sports gambling website that brought in over $11 million within a six-month period.

The two websites, and, have been shut down since December 18, 2019.