Financial Crimes

Financial Crimes

In New York, the term “larceny” is used. Larceny is nothing more than a fancy word for stealing or theft. It includes several types, from petit larceny (shoplifting) to grand larceny (property or money stolen worth over $1,000). Sentences can range from a fine of $1,000 to up to 25 years’ prison.

All theft crimes have at least two results in common: A criminal record and damage to your reputation. The sooner you speak with a knowledgeable and capable New York criminal defense lawyer from Varghese & Associates, P.C., the better for your case. Our team understands how to work discretely in order to protect your reputation. From the initial criminal investigation all the way to a trial and appeals, we fight for you.

We are equipped to defend any accusation involving a financial crime, including:

  • Embezzlement: Embezzlement is common in the business world and involves the stealing of funds or assets that are entrusted to you. These charges can include hefty penalties.
  • Extortion: When someone uses threats or force to obtain something from another person, they can be accused of extortion.
  • Tampering with Public Records: Whether you are being accused of knowingly manipulating or falsifying records of a public office, you could be facing serious charges that can damage your reputation and freedom.
  • Fraud: Accusations of fraud can range from credit card fraud and issuing a bad check, to identity theft and criminal impersonation for financial gain.
  • Forgery: Forgery charges involve accusations of altering written documents with the intent to deceive. They can range forging signatures on a check to forging complex financial documents.

Financial Criminal Defense Attorneys Located On Wall Street, Serving Clients Nationwide

Varghese & Associates, P.C. has a long track record of success defending clients facing accusations of financial crimes. Having handled numerous high-profile criminal cases, our criminal defense lawyers leverage decades of proven experience and insight to help defend our clients inside and outside of the courtroom. Attorney Vinoo Varghese is a former prosecutor with insider knowledge of financial crime investigations and prosecution. You can rely on our prominent New York City criminal defense law firm for effective representation and tireless advocacy, no matter what is at stake.