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Federal Cyber Crime Case Ended

The Scenario: A 70-year-old Indian-American scientist was fired after his company accused him of stealing trade secrets. The FBI then executed a search warrant on his home. Once we got involved, we were able to get the government to drop the case and return all the items seized.

Not Guilty: Filing False Tax Returns

The Scenario: Our client was tried and wrongfully convicted due to the testimony of a lying government witness. We fought to get him a new trial and succeeded when the federal District Court judge presiding over the case agreed with our view that the verdict was a “manifest injustice.”

Sentence of Time Served: Federal Money Laundering

The Scenario: A U.S. citizen abroad in Brazil was charged with money laundering. Our client suffered through deplorable Brazilian prison conditions before we were retained as his attorneys. Once we took over his case, we pushed to have him returned to the U.S., where we could advocate for a fair result.

Title IX Disciplinary Proceeding Dismissed: College Student Allowed To Graduate

The Scenario: A senior attending an Ivy League university faced expulsion in a school disciplinary proceeding, resulting from an open criminal case involving an allegation of domestic violence. The Results: We represented our client before the school’s Title IX attorneys, despite their attempts to deprive him of all due process. We persuaded

Case Dismissed And Money Returned: Civil Forfeiture

The Scenario: U.S. Customs seized funds from a couple traveling abroad to visit ill and elderly family. The Customs Official berated and upset our client so much that she forgot she was carrying unreported cash. The Results: We obtained the successful return of over $10,000 illegitimately taken from our client. We

Case Dismissed: Foreign National Allowed to Return Home

The Scenario: A foreign national visiting family was arrested for shoplifting with only a week remaining on her trip. She would lose her job if she were delayed returning home and the arraignment was scheduled for two months after she was scheduled to leave the US. The Results: Using our reputation and

Jury Acquittal: Attempted Murder

The Scenario: While defending himself against an unprovoked attack, our client injured the attacker, his boss. The Results: After a three-week trial, the jury returned a not guilty verdict on all counts. As an aside, our client later wrote “I Beat the Charges,” a rap song that referred to us as

Corrected Illegal Sentence: 7/10 Years Taken Off Post-Release Supervision

The Scenario: An Iranian businesswoman, who was previously convicted of human trafficking offenses, received an illegal 10-year term of supervised release. Because our client attempted to remediate the illegal sentence long before retaining us, many avenues to correct the illegal sentence were foreclosed. The Results: Using our experience with U.S. Probation and

Case Dismissed: Felony Sexual Assault

The Scenario: An actor was accused of forcing his former girlfriend to perform sexual acts with him. The accuser previously sent our client emails describing lurid sexual fantasies she wished to carry out with him, sexual fantasies involving acts of bondage and discipline, dominance and submission, sadism and masochism. After the

Case Dismissed: Family Offense Proceeding

The Scenario: An IT professional was accused of burglary and rape in a Family Offense Proceeding in the Family Court. His accuser made similar accusations against at least two other individuals. She attempted to destroy his reputation, posting court documents on social media and broadcasting her baseless accusations wherever she could.

Case Dismissed: Juvenile Cleared Of Rape Charge

The Scenario: In a juvenile proceeding before the Family Court, a teenager less than 16-years old was accused of raping a classmate. After obtaining a temporary order of protection against our client, the accuser attacked him at school, followed him home with another boy, and harassed him. The Results: We proved the

Noncriminal Plea Deal: Driving While Intoxicated

The Scenario: Our client, while driving home from an office holiday party, crashed into a parked car and totaled his vehicle. Only our client was injured. He was then taken to the hospital and arrested for driving while intoxicated. The Results: We obtained a plea to a conditional charge that would permit

Warrant Vacated And Prevented Arrest: Petit Larceny

The Scenario: We discovered our client, who we were representing in a separate criminal case, had a 7-year-old open warrant in another case. The open warrant would have had disastrous consequences for our client. The Results: After negotiating with the District Attorney’s office, we successfully vacated the open warrant by agreeing

No Criminal Charges Filed: Internal Fraud Investigation

The Scenario: An executive at a Fortune 500 company had engaged in internal fraud. The Results: Working with our team of forensic accountants, we guided our client in how to deal with internal auditors. We negotiated a severance package, and no criminal charges.

Successful Appeal: Sexual Abuse Case

The Scenario: A family court judge had sentenced a 12-year-old boy to the maximum term for a juvenile felony offender: 18 months’ in “juvi.” That’s when his parents hired us. The Results: First, we successfully moved to “stay” (suspend) the sentence pending appeal, and got the boy released to his

Case Dismissal: All Federal Narcotics Charges

The Scenario: Our client was arrested for narcotics conspiracy in federal court in New York. The Results: We convinced the U.S. Attorney that its case was weak. The U.S. Attorney dismissed all charges. Our client was able to return to work without any record.

Charge & Sentence Drastically Reduced: Internet Pornography Crime

The Scenario: Our client had downloaded illegal pornography off the web, confessed to federal authorities without a lawyer, and voluntarily turned over this evidence to them. He faced a mandatory minimum of five years in prison. That’s when he hired us. The Results (Federal Court): We persuaded the U.S. Attorney

Settlement Without Any Admission Of Wrongdoing: Civil & Asset Forfeiture

The Scenario: The federal government seized our client’s bank accounts claiming that his business had links with a terrorist group. The Results: Through months of hard negotiation, we settled the matter favorably for our client after we convinced the federal government to release his accounts without our client admitting any

Charges Reduced To Misdemeanor & No Jail: Medicaid Fraud

The Scenario: A medical professional defrauded New York State, receiving payments of over $150,000 for services he did not provide. He and a relative were under investigation by the New York State Attorney General’s Medicaid Fraud Control Unit. The Results: We negotiated the medical professional’s plea down to a misdemeanor

14-Year-Old Charges Dismissed: Aggravated Harassment

The Scenario: While a college student, a prominent doctor pleaded guilty to aggravated harassment — without a lawyer. 14 years later, this conviction prevented him from obtaining a prestigious fellowship. The Results: We successfully moved to vacate his conviction, and got the matter dismissed. Our client got his fellowship, and

Sentence Drastically Reduced: Narcotics Case

The Scenario: Prosecutors accused our client of leading a drug ring that sold ecstasy in New York City nightclubs. He faced up to 40 years in prison. The Results: We were able to get him six months in a light correctional program for low-level drug offenders without cooperation. He completed the program, and

Jury Acquittal: Driving While Intoxicated

The Scenario: Our client’s breathalyzer test displayed more than double the legal limit (.17%). She faced a potential year in jail. The Results: Before a jury, we demonstrated that the breath-test machine wasn’t perfect. The jury came back with a verdict of only a traffic infraction. Our client went home

Successful Release: Out-Of-State Warrant

The Scenario: A New York resident had no idea there was a warrant out for her arrest in Virginia. On her way back into town, she was detained at JFK Airport, then sent to criminal court, where a judge ordered her held without bail. That’s when her parents hired us.

Case Dismissal: Attempted Murder

The Scenario: After a bar fight, the District Attorney charged our client with attempted murder. That’s when he hired us. The Results: We launched our own investigation, which revealed that our client had acted in self-defense. We found witnesses to corroborate our defense, and presented the evidence to the DA.

Grand Jury Dismissal: Felony Weapons & Assault Charge

The Scenario: After a bar fight, the District Attorney charged our client with attempted murder. That’s when he hired us. The Results: We launched our own investigation, which revealed that our client had acted in self-defense. We found witnesses to corroborate our defense, and presented the evidence to the DA.

Case Dismissal: Aggravated Harassment

The Scenario: A successful attorney had sent some not-so-pleasant emails to her husband’s mistress. This resulted in her arrest. The Results: We convinced the court that while the emails may have been rude, they were not criminal. As a result, we got her case dismissed, and she could continue practicing

Dismissal: Felony For False Filing

The Scenario: When a truck driver hadn’t paid his traffic tickets, his commercial driver’s license was suspended. The DA’s office found that he was using a name that wasn’t on his birth certificate. This wasn’t his fault: it went back to his adoption as a child. The DA nevertheless charged